Wolfram Alpha Launches Own App for iPhones

October 19th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Wolfram Alpha Logo

Wolfram Alpha, known as a computational knowledge search engine, has been once called the next "Google Killer". But since after its launch, it has mainly attracted people for its potential of providing statistical and computational search results rather than just trying to offer the usual generic results. Whether it would be able to put a dent on Google’s supremacy is a different matter altogether.

But what Wolfram Alpha has going for it is that it has created its own niche in online search market as a computational knowledge engine that it can proudly say as its own. And now it is trying to make itself available to people on the go through their iPhones. Wolfram Alpha is launching its developer API and making it available for download at the Apple App Store. The API will allow big and small developers to make use of the computational power that Wolfram Alpha is known for developing their own applications or other products.

For the use of Wolfram Alpha, iPhone App users have to fork up its hefty US$49.99 price tag. This might be considered as quite an expensive app considering that most of the most popular apps at the Apple App Store are either free or go for under $10. But it would likely be quite attractive for those who require statistical facts and figures that Wolfram Alpha can easily provide- from graphs, complex mathematical results to even stock analysis. And as an iPhone App, it may establish a niche market of users on its own despite its hefty price tag.