Memorializing The Deceased On Facebook

October 28th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Facebook Logo

Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites today, if not "the most". Millions and millions of people worldwide have created their own Facebook profiles. It can sometimes make you think what will happen to it in case the Facebook account owner dies.

It is probably something that has crossed the minds of people working at Facebook. And they are actually working to make such circumstances memorable despite the sadness that may come with death. Facebook now plans to create online memorials out of the profiles of the recently deceased.

The memorializing feature in Facebook allows friends and family of the deceased to share memories by writing on the wall of the deceased. Before a profile can be memorialized, friends and families of the deceased should first prove relationship to the recently departed by sending the deceased person’s email address or date of birth. Next, a news clip or obituary should be sent to Facebook in order to confirm the death. This is necessary in order to prevent pranksters from memorializing an account even when the account owner is still living.

Once the status has been confirmed, Facebook will then be removing personal information such as telephone numbers from the profile and will become hidden from those who isn’t a confirmed friend. Only the people who were close to the deceased will be able to visit the page. The profile will also be locked from log ins in order to prevent hackers from taking over the profile.

Friends who have access to the account would then be able to post messages on the wall and share their experiences with other closed friends of the recently deceased. This is especially quite a unique feature that Facebook has introduced as a way to remember the departed as well as help others go through the grieving process better due to their loss.