Google Comes Up With Music Search Feature

October 30th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

Google is always trying to provide a better online search experience for every one. That is maybe why they try to add on added features in order to offer online users varied search options. And this time, they have also added music search as one of them.

According to a recent blog post from the Google Blog, the online search engine leader has made it more convenient for online users to search for music on the Web. Google has partnered with popular music sites such as Pandora, Imeem and Rhapsody as well as MySpace and Lala in order to make it easier for online users to search for songs and other music related information online.

With music search partners, Google users may have an easier time looking for songs, artist and album information online. Search results will even provide links that will enable users to listen to an audio preview of the song that they are looking for. Links to where the songs can be purchased is also made available.

Searching for songs by their lyrics is also easier with this new Google music search feature. Some users may not exactly know the title of the song that they are looking for, only knowing a snippet of the lyrics. Typing a line or two into the search box would be able to provide results of the songs and the links if they are available online. Google says that it is just the first stage of developing the music search feature. More developments to improve the search results are forthcoming.