Google Latitude Adds Location History And Alerts Features

November 11th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Google Latitude

Google Latitude is a new feature from Google Maps that allows users to know the location of their friends and what they might be doing. Since its launch earlier this year, many people have been curious and interested enough to try it out. Many users have since suggested new features that might even make this new Google Map feature even more interesting.

Due to a number of feature requests from users, the people at Google Latitude has added new features to their new application to make it even more useful and interesting. The new added features include Google Location History and Google Location Alerts. These two features are still on beta stage but may prove useful for frequent Latitude users.

Google Location History allows Latitude users to keep track of their previous locations. Users can then look back on where they went and how long they stayed at a certain place. This can prove to be quite useful for travelers who wish to take note of their trips and the places that they have been through after they get back home. The location history can be visualized on Google Maps and Earth. Users may also be able to manage their location history as well as delete them at any time.

Google Location Alerts was added because of the hassle that may be caused by too many notifications being sent to users through Google Latitude every time a friend or colleague may be in the near one’s vicinity. Many users would want to be notified in Latitude whenever someone they haven’t seen for a long time may be somewhere near. But such notifications and alerts won’t be as needed for those people that Latitude users see almost everyday. That is why the new Alerts feature was developed to be a lot smarter. This requires enabling the Location History feature in order to work.

The new Location Alerts feature can recognize the regular and routine locations that the user frequents. Alerts may only be sent to users in cases where friends and colleagues may be at a unusual location or at an unusual time. The feature would no longer be sending out alerts if the user may be at home or at the office for example. This can help reduce some of the hassles of being sent unnecessary notifications through Google Latitude. It may take the feature at least a week to familiarize with the user’s routine locations before it may be able to send alerts.