News Corp Plans to Remove Content On Google Index

November 16th, 2009 at 12:00 am

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It may be poised to become a war between traditional media and the online world. Rupert Murdoch, head of the News Corp media organization, is bent on trying to remove all media content belonging to its company from online search engines like Google in the near future. He plans to remove online media content from his media outlets which include print, television and cable among others. It even came to a point where he mentioned that he’ll bar online search giant Google from indexing any of his sites.

Mr. Murdoch seems to be concerned with the free mentality that is the online world. He considers putting up his online media properties as a pay for access sites instead. To him, this would be good enough to help keep his media properties online earn more in the long run. Well, to each his own I guess.

In an online world where online search engines make it more convenient  and faster for people to look for information such as news and other information, media outlets such as News Corp would really benefit from what online search engines like Google may be doing for them for their websites. But it seems that Mr. Murdoch thinks that online search may not be doing enough for his organization, maybe in terms of earning a decent profit online. Or they don’t seem to be helping because online content is being given for free all over the Web.

Mr. Murdoch thinks that going the other way by using the pay for access model for his media sites and banning search engines from indexing them may prove to be a better deal for him. It is something that has not yet been done before, especially for a vast media empire such as News Corp. To say that it will fail or succeed is still something up for debate. But many are becoming really interested of the possibilities if it does happen, no matter what the outcome may be. It may take another giant to challenge another. The brewing News Corp and Google angle may be going along these lines.