YouTube Offers YouTube Direct

November 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

YouTube Direct

The online world has become the source of breaking news. It seems that news now travels faster on the Internet. More and more people, thanks to technology are now more able to offer news in almost real time with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. And now, YouTube may be getting in on the deal of providing news as they happen all around the world through YouTube Direct.

YouTube Direct is simply another feature added into the widely popular online media site that will actually allow online media outlets to gather and present breaking news. YouTube Direct allows media organizations to be able to present YouTube footage into their site more efficiently. YouTube direct allows websites to make use of YouTube’s upload platform in order to present video footage to go along with news articles or provide valuable commentary of the latest events. Control and choice of which footage to include still remains in the hands of the media organization.

Another advantage that YouTube Direct can provide media organizations is that it can make use of the power of citizen reporting that has become quite popular on YouTube. Media organizations may now be able to communicate directly with citizen news gatherers all over the world and request for footage of certain events when they happen. This can then be uploaded to the media organization’s site as breaking news av available instantly. YouTube Direct surely becomes quite an interesting feature that may just help change how people will now get their news online.