AdMob Offers Interactive Video Ads For iPhones

November 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

AdMob Logo

Advertising is slowly catching on in the mobile world. More and more ads are getting their way into mobile phones, thanks to 3G and other technologies making these devices more and more connected with everyone else. And it won’t be long until mobile ads may become a main channel for advertising that more and more businesses may consider using for marketing and promotion in the future. That is why there are some companies such as AdMob that are trying to develop ways to reach out to consumers by way of the mobile ad platform.

And in this case, AdMob, a company that search giant Google is planning to buy, is coming up with an interactive video ad unit for iPhone users. This interactive video ads are initially available for iPhone apps where the ads precede select iPhone apps as they load. Users will be viewing video ads that may contain interactive features such as customizable buttons which advertisers can use to lead iPhone users to their online stores or other sites where the products on the ads may be purchased.

AdMob is trying to make mobile advertising more interesting and appealing for advertisers with their new interactive video ad unit. It is a pretty interesting concept that would surely be something that would attract businesses from trying out this new ad platform. By the way things are happening at AdMob, Google may be doing the right thing when pushing for buying this new company. It would greatly complement what the online search giant may be doing in trying to explore other markets.