Reports Say Microsoft Unlikely to Fund Murdoch’s Google Boycott

December 1st, 2009 at 12:00 am

Microsoft deals with News Corp. for exclusive indexing rights of news content

The Associated Press reports that Microsoft is unlikely to pay Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to gain exclusive search-indexing rights to News Corp. content such as from The Wall Street Journal and FOX News to Microsoft’s search engine Bing.  This comes after Murdoch claims that Google is "stealing" their news content and plans to pull out his news sites from being indexed on the popular search engine.

Citing anonymous sources, the report states that Microsoft would have paid News Corp. an undetermined amount of money to make Bing the only search engine to access their news content, leaving Google News in the dark and potentially drive more users to Bing.  The AP even added that Microsoft was actually in talks with not just News Corp, but with a wide range of media outlets, including Associated Press.

However, industry experts are skeptical that Internet users would ditch Google for the sake of reading the Wall Street Journal coverage of today’s news, as they would simply find that same news from other news organizations that are featured on Google.

"(The deal) could very well be Web-traffic suicide," wrote Nick Eaton of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.