Google Announce New Public DNS Service

December 4th, 2009 at 12:00 am

google Logo


Google recently announced that it is offering its own DNS resolution service that it calls Google Public DNS. This new Google service aims to help improve the Web browsing experience for users by making DNS look ups more efficient. It may be Google’s first entry into the DNS segment of the industry.

DNS or Domain Name System resolution services help provide a faster alternative for looking up domain addresses by relying on the ISP’s own DNS servers. It basically acts as the Web phone book that allows computers to locate domain addresses whenever users type them in. By using a DNS resolution service, DNS queries are processed faster.

In the case of Google Public DNS, the online search giant aims to speed up the online browsing experience for people. According to their blog, the aim of having the Google Public DNS is to facilitate a faster Web surfing experience as a result of the technical improvements made for this service. Not only that, the Google Public DNS also makes Web surfing safer and more reliable by adding in filtering features.