Intel Scraps Larrabee Project

December 7th, 2009 at 12:00 am

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Intel’s first try at making graphics chips may have reached a dead end, at least for now. What started as a promising project was put in the back burner indefinitely. Intel has recently reported that its Larrabee Project is delayed indefinitely.

What Intel said was the reason behind the delay was certain developmental setbacks regarding the project. The project was said to be quite behind and not where the company wanted it to be at this point. But some are offering that the project was doomed due to the various legal problems that Intel has to deal with that complicated the matters behind the Larrabee Project.

It might be that the legal problems stem from the falling out between Intel and its erstwhile partner, Nvidia, the current leader when it comes to manufacturing GPU’s or graphics processing units. Problems arose when the partnership hit a snag with Intel filing a lawsuit against Nvidia on issues regarding the right to develop their own chipsets.
Nvidia countersued claiming that their partnership agreement does indeed stipulate their right to do so. This led to the breakdown of their partnership agreement which prevented Intel from accessing Nvidia’s intellectual properties on graphics processing. That pretty much prevented the Larrabee Project from going any further.

The only option that Intel had was to go back from scratch by doing their own research and development work from the ground up. But this might prove too costly for Intel, a company that also recently has to deal with other legal problems from other fronts. Maybe it will do Intel good to shelve the project for now and concentrate on what they do best for the meantime, making chipsets that runs most PC’s today.