Mozilla Releasing Firefox Mobile For Nokia N900

December 18th, 2009 at 12:00 am

Firefox Logo

Mozilla is releasing a version of the Firefox Mobile browser for the Nokia N900. Its developers are claiming that it will someday do away with the complexities of developing phone apps in the future. It may be a tad bit short of saying that the App stores of today would no longer be around if the Firefox Mobile will have its way and become popular.

The Firefox Mobile browser claims to have the fastest Javascript engine for any other mobile browser today. This will allow apps to be developed through the browser instead of through the mobile OS. Developers are always in a bind in trying to develop a general app that will apply to all popular mobile handsets in the market. One of the main reasons is that, developers have to deal with the different mobile operating systems that run those handsets. They end up making apps that would only work for a certain mobile Os and not on another.

But with the Firefox Mobile and its fast Javascript engine, developers can now create apps for the browser instead of for specific mobile phones. This will allow apps to run on different mobile phones regardless of what type of Os they run on. A single version of a certain application that will run well on all mobile phones- now that would be quite convenient enough on the side of developers. This way, many more mobile applications may be available to a larger number of mobile phone users, not just limited for a certain phone model, if you know what I mean.