Exciting Technologies to Watch For In 2010

January 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Mobile Technology

The year 2010 has something exciting for people to look forward to in terms of technology in the computing front. These technologies offer exciting ideas for gadgets and new devices that may come out either this year or in the near future. Whether they might revolutionize the industry is another story. But here are some of the exciting technologies to watch out for in 2010.

Realtime Online Search

With sites like Twitter and Facebook offering real time updates on news and just about anything, the search engines are trying to rethink the way they probably think of updated search results. MJ’s death was an example where people first heard of the news through Twitter and not through the usual outlets like from Google, Yahoo or Bing.

This is just one instance that may have prompted the online search giants on the idea that real time search may become the "next big thing" and are now trying to equip themselves with such a capability. Google and Bing have now gone after trying to make Tweets and Facebook updates as part of their indexed data by partnering up with the popular social media sites for their real time data streams. Although this may still take awhile for the search giants to take full advantage of, consider real time search an exciting feature worth looking out for in 2010.


This new Web standard is set to provide a better experience not only for Internet users but also to their developers as well. The online world is on its way to adopt HTML5 with popular Web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome going the way of making themselves HTML5 friendly. The advantages of doing so may not yet be evident as the popularity of this recent HTML version is not yet that widespread.

But when HTML5 does hit it out someday, it will make most applications more Web-native. Additional plug-ins may no longer be needed to view online videos, animation and other similar applications. HTML5 will offer features that would make Web apps act similar to its desktop versions. This would especially be an advantage to an online world going in the way of cloud computing.

Streaming Mobile Video

Although most smart phones today may already have the capability to hold and play videos, streaming them live may not yet be as commonplace. But with mobile networks rapidly developing towards having true broadband capabilities from 3G to 4G and with the gaining popularity of live video streaming apps for mobile phones, this technology would soon be up and running and become widely popular. People would no longer need PC’s to watch Youtube in order to kill time or make live video that they can stream out of their mobile phones and back.