Google Chrome Passes Safari, Takes 3rd Spot In The Browser Market

January 6th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Chrome

It is only more than a year after the Google Chrome browser was released to the public by the online search giant. So far it has been improving and getting more and more popular. It has gone a long way and has recently taken the 3rd spot on the list of the web browser market in terms of usage. It has already overtaken Apple’s Safari for the spot, probably a hopeful sign of better things to come for the open source web browser.

According to market researcher Net Applications on its recently released year-end data, Google Chrome now accounts 4.63 percent share of the web browser market, overtaking Safari which fell to 4th place at 4.46 percent market share. Although the gap between them may be relatively close, it does however show just how quick online users were able to embrace Google Chrome in such a short span of time.

Safari has been around for years and has been known as a browser with quite a stable and reliable technology behind it. But it seems that its developer, Apple, is not effectively marketing its use to a greater number of online users other than those who own Macs. And with Google Chrome being the latest web browser to enter the market that also offers excellent features in terms of speed and performance, it would only take some time before things come catching up with them.

Some may consider Chrome’s rise in the browser market as a small step. Mozilla’s Firefox still has a sizable lead at second with 24.61 percent market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still commands and incredible edge in terms of browser market share at 62.29 percent. Google Chrome may still have a long, long way to go before posing any threat to the top two web browsers of today. But things might just change when Google comes up with its own open source Chrome OS slated for release this year, considering that it may have been Microsoft’s dominance in the OS market that may have given it the edge also in the web browser market. Google may be thinking along the same lines in trying to lessen the hold of Microsoft over both markets. Will Google succeed? We will just have to wait and see how this drama would end.