Intel Unveils New 32 Nanometer Chips

January 8th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Intel Logo

Intel has unveiled a new family of computer processors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to further highlight its lead in terms of technology over other rivals in the industry, notably with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). The said new technology developments involve shrinking the circuitry within the processors which is critical in trying to add more features while reducing the manufacturing costs. This would allow processors to have better features in terms of performance and speed at lower prices.

The new Intel Core chips unveiled are the very first 32 nanometer processors being mass produced for the consumer market. Other features that these new chips offer are upgrades on graphics processing and energy efficiency. Intel’s introduction of their new 32 nanometer chips puts them in front of the pack by being the first manufacturer to do so. The company’s main rival, AMD has planned introducing their own 32 nanometer chips around 2011. This allows Intel to take the lead in terms of technology development aside from their sizable market share in the industry.