MySpace Restores Imeem Playlists

January 18th, 2010 at 12:00 am

MySpace Logo

It was only last year that MySpace bought out popular music social networking site Imeem which eventually led to the latter going offline. MySpace then took over and tried to get former Imeem users to switch to MySpace Music and tried to make it easier as much as possible. Instead, what MySpace got was a lot of disgruntled former users complaining that what MySpace Music offers is nothing compared to what Imeem was able to achieve during its time.

What the former Imeem users were complaining about is that Imeem’s sudden closure left them with collected music play lists that they can no longer access and use ever again. Some have been quite diligent in trying to make those play lists over the years only to see them disappear in an instant upon Imeem’s sudden closure.

MySpace Music is now trying to make amends by restoring those Imeem playlists on their site. MySpace has been sending emails to former Imeem users to tell them that it is now possible to import old Imeem play lists and turning them into MySpace playlists. There can be various reasons why MySpace may be doing this.

One possible reason may be that quite a number of former Imeem users haven’t successfully transitioned into MySpace. Another may be that MySpace is trying to appease many of the former Imeem users who did relocate to MySpace Music but find the service quite lacking.

Although restoring the Imeem playlists may get some users to salvage their music collection from the defunct but popular social networking site, not all may be that good for those who collected independent and personal songs and the like. It seems that restored Imeem playlists only refer to songs in the collection that may already be included in the MySpace Music database. Those songs that are not part of the current MySpace Music song collection may not yet be salvaged. Whether such songs are already gone or may still be salvaged in the future is something that MySpace still needs to clear up with their users who were also former Imeem members. It seems like a lot of them may be far from being appeased even with this new action from MySpace.