Chinese Attack On Google- There’s Evidence After All

January 20th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

It was only recently that Google reported that it was a victim of a malicious attack that aimed to steal intellectual property on its system. The online search giant also suspected that the attack originated from China. Not only that, Google also added that similar attacks may also have been made to other US companies.

The issue of the attack became so serious that Google is planning to stop censoring its search results in China as what the Chinese government has required from them. The most serious of all is that Google is planning to totally stop its Chinese operations altogether.

What Google had when they first noted the attacks were mere suspicions that it originated from China. A telltale sign was that Gmail accounts of known human rights activists in China were compromised along with the sophisticated attacks made on Google. But recently, a security researcher in the US may finally give some credence to the suspicions.

A malware specialist at computer security company SecureWorks has discovered a module from a program used in the attack that contains a unusual algorithm that was traced to a Chinese authored technical paper only available on Chinese language websites. The malware used in the attack on Google’s computer systems was said to be a Trojan horse that can be used to open a backdoor to a computer connected on the Internet.

Although there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to determine quite substantially that the attack really originated in China, the evidence at this point somehow leads toward the same path. Of course, such points may be easily be countered by some other valid reason. That is why Google has just acted short of directly implicating anyone to avoid further problems from escalating. But their current actions are quite telling of what their stand on the issue is. Surely, there is more to come into this highly sensitive issue. The way things are going, it is still a long way from being settled.