Facebook Building Its Own Data Center

January 22nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

Facebook Logo

Facebook has gone a long way from just being a social networking site that caters to Harvard students. It has since grown quite big enough to become one of the most popular social networking sites in the US. Its popularity has spanned the globe and is still continuing to grow. It is quite hard to believe that with all this growth through the years, it hasn’t even ventured into establishing its own data center to handle the huge operating needs of a gargantuan site such as Facebook. It hasn’t done so, that is, until now.

According to an entry on the Facebook blog, the company has recently gone into the process of establishing a data center and facility that it can finally call its own. During a ceremony held at Prineville, Oregon, Facebook broke ground to build up a facility in the area that would finally give the company its own data center. It has previously leased data servers to handle the needs of its online service. But as the site continued to grow and reach the point where it is now, leasing data centers from outside sources may have become quite complicated and too costly. It is this outstanding growth that led Facebook to finally design and build a data facility to handle its growing needs for more storage space.

The said facility is planned to be energy efficient and would have minimal environmental impact. The said facility is set to be operational by 2011 and would handle the operational needs of its growing Facebook members all over the world. This will prove to be a more cost effective measure for a rapidly growing online site as compared to one that additionally leases external data servers in the long run.