China Denies Attacking Google, Defends Censorship

January 25th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Chinese Flag

Google has recently aired its side on the issue about possible Chinese involvement on recent cyber attacks on its system. Although short of directly implicating that the Chinese government had a hand in the hacking and illegal attacks on Google’s computer systems, its stand certainly shows it. And along with this issue, the Chinese government has issued its side.

China has recently also issued statements denying that it has any involvement on the recent cyber attacks on Google. The said statements were issued by Beijing on the state news agency Xinhua. The statements included its strong stand of defending online censorship in the country. It adds that those companies that do business in China should respect and adhere to its laws. The said statement came in light after the US made its stance on the issue clear that it does not agree to online censorship.

Google have discovered the attacks on its computer systems December of last year and have traced its origins to China. Whether the Chinese government had a hand into this is something that Google is not yet sure of. But the online search giant may have such suspicions because part of the attacks aimed to gain access to several Gmail accounts which were known to belong to certain human rights activists in China.

It was due to the cyber attacks that Google eventually mulled on trying to get its operations out of China if ever it does not loosen up its censorship laws on online content. But with the statements that the Chinese government recently made, it seems that there may still be a disagreement on the issue. Google might now be on a tough situation where it might need to contemplate whether to make good on what it said to move its operations out of China or find other options. It becomes a matter of whether to fight for what the company stands for or take advantage of the business opportunities that a big country such as China might provide in the future. Many people are taking a very close look on how this issue may turn out.