Google Chrome Browser Gets New Extensions and Apps

January 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Chrome Extensions

Google has recently released an updated stable version of Google Chrome for Windows which is available aside from the developer and beta versions of the browser.  This update provides support for Chrome Extensions, which was included on both developer and beta releases since late last year. 

These extensions also use the same multiprocess technology that keeps the Chrome browser fast and secure, ensuring users that they would not crash or slow down the browser.

Among the most popular extensions include the Google Mail Checker, which displays the number of unread Gmail messages right on your browser window, and several advertisement-blocking software like AdThwart and AdBlock.

The updated Chrome for Windows also supports several HTML and JavaScript APIs like the Web SQL Database, which allows local storage of structured date; WebSockets, which sends data back and forth over a persistent communications channel; and a Windows-only notification API that passes non-disruptive updates in the user’s status bar area.