Google Voice Now On iPhone As Web App

January 27th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Voice for iPhones

Google and Apple have been fighting over this for quite sometime now. It was about Google Voice having its app approved for the App Store in order for iPhone users to be able to download and use it on their phones. But ever since Google’s application, nothing has come out of it and their app remained in App Store limbo, just like the hundreds of others.

Each side has their own take on the issue. Google says that Apple is trying to reject its inclusion into the App Store while Apple says that it is merely continuing on its study. But instead of complaining more and more and still get nothing in terms of a favorable resolution, Google has done something a bit different to Google Voice. They have recently developed it into a Web app.

Google has recently announced that it has developed a run around for using Google Voice on the iPhone by making it a Web application. It is said to work with iPhones with the 3.0 software installed and can be run through the mobile browser. iPhone users no longer have to wait anymore for the App Store to approve Google Voice as a native app since the Web app is now available. It is said to provide the same features essentially, with the user interface only providing slight differences.

Not only has Google found a way to make Google Voice available, it might also have encouraged people to think more closely on cloud computing and its possible benefits. Believing that Web-based applications is to be the future, Google is surely trying to build up its case by showing examples on how it can work with Web-based Google Voice.