iPad: What’s In A Name?

January 29th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Apple iPad Tablet

The Apple iPad has just recently launched and it is not smooth sailing in any way. It already got its own share of critics left and right. Just about most of them have quite a number of complaints about it. One is particular is its name.

The new Apple iPad have a lot of people either praising it or poking fun at its name. In just about a couple of days, there have already been quite a lot of iPad jokes roaming around making fun at its name. To some, the name "iPad" seems to connote something connected to that familiar female hygienic item. The jokes have increased so much so that it may be behind the reason why the "iTampon" just recently reached third place on Tweeting trends on Twitter.

On a more serious note, the Apple iPad might also be going through some rough sailing in terms of the rights to using the name. Japanese electronics manufacturer Fujitsu claims that it holds the rights to use the name. In fact, Fujitsu has a handheld computing device named "iPad" that was built in 2002. The issue can become quite complex since the said name not only has been used by Fujitsu but also by other devices from several other companies- from a padded bra to a computing chip made in Europe.

It seems that the new Apple iPad has to undergo several challenges right from its launch and it is not just limited to how people may find it quite useful. It seems that Apple does not only have to work hard in trying to build up a market for this the new innovative device. The company now even has to fight for the right to use the name. Apple may just have its hands quite full right now. With both negative and positive comments still going around the Web whenever the Apple iPad is brought up, its popularity may not be seen as clear cut as that of the iPhone. Time can only tell how it would all turn out.