Sony Planning to Put Up a Challenger For The Apple iPad

February 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Sony Logo

Apple may be on to something here. Just after the company launched the Apple iPad, many other companies are trying to jump into the bandwagon. It seems that a lot of them are just waiting for other companies to take that first big leap. It so happens that it’s Apple who did it for them.

With the release of the iPad, there is then this sudden interest of making similar tablet devices coming from other companies. One such company may be the Japanese electronics giant Sony. According to reports, Sony is planning to also get into the market for tablet devices. In a recent press conference held by Sony to announce their quarterly financial results, the company is hinting that it might also be interested in the same market that the Apple iPad has just put into the limelight recently.

Although Sony may not have any products being developed yet that they can put out into the tablet market like the iPad, the company is setting its eyes on a similar market. The company even considers their possible entry as a bit late among other companies also interested in the tablet market. But this doesn’t seem to deter them from doing so.

Credit Apple for trying to set the pace when it comes to making new devices become part of consumer consciousness. Before the iPad, the market for tablet devices was already there but wasn’t as interesting. It took Apple to introduce their own version of it to get people talking and the market moving up in a way. That just shows how big and established brands have the means to move markets in the right direction by simply gaining entry into it.