Yahoo Search Now to Feature Twitter Content

February 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Yahoo Logo

So much has been said about Twitter and how capable it is to provide real-time updates faster than the actual online search engines. It may be because of this ability that has the online giants getting interested on featuring Twitter content as part of its search results. Search giant Google have forged a partnership with Twitter to gain access to Twitter content to make it a part of its real-time search results. The same now goes for Microsoft’s Bing who also has a section reserved for Tweets.

Yahoo is also going the same path in terms better real-time search by forging its own partnership with Twitter to feature contents on not only its online search results but also on Yahoo profiles. This has become a direct partnership with the micro-blogging giant that involved Yahoo purchasing the rights for access to Twitter content. Previously, Yahoo only managed to include Twitter content on its search results that are being sourced out through public API’s. But with this new partnership, Yahoo will now be able to receive content directly from Twitter.

This also means that Yahoo users will also now be able to view their Twitter feeds and post their Tweets from their Yahoo accounts. This provides Yahoo with something to keep its users interested while trying to reduce the time most people spend on other social networking sites. Through this integration, Yahoo users continue to stay on site even while trying to access their social network accounts.

But the battle may now be on how the search engines may be able to process the real-time data they get from Twitter and translate it into relevant search results that online users want. Real-time search is still a new concept that online search engines like Yahoo are trying to adapt to. How well they may be able to do it is a challenge that they have to hurdle.