Google Launches Person Finder

March 1st, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

With the recent earthquake devastating Chile and the ensuing chaos that follows, Google decides to lend a hand by using the technology it currently has to help out. Google has launched Person Finder, an online tool that may help people look for or provide information about missing people especially those who have become victims of the Chile earthquake.

Similar to what happened in Haiti, an aftermath of a devastating earthquake is usually the chaos and confusion that follows. It is especially a challenge in trying to locate and identify people and loved ones who might be affected by such catastrophes. It can be quite difficult for people from other countries to contact and gather information about loved ones and family members who may have become possible victims of the Chile earthquake. Those who do have the information needed may also find it difficult to convey whatever news they know about these same people, probably because of downed communication lines or simply because they do not have a more convenient means to do so, especially at a very chaotic time during and after an earthquake.

Google Person Finder allows people to either search for people by name or leave information about them as a means to provide a kind of database where people may get the information they need about the loved ones and friends who may be affected by the recent Chile earthquake. The information at Google Person Finder is available in both Spanish and English. So far, the Google Person Finder has accumulated over 23,000 records comprising of people’s names and any information about them.

The records contained in the Google Person Finder can be viewed by anyone. And because of this, Google has also cautioned its users about the veracity of the information provided since just about anyone can view and use the records on Google Person Finder. The online search giant informs users that it does not play any role in trying to verify the information that the others may provide. Despite this, it might be a welcome addition for people overseas who might have friends and loved ones they know who might be affected by the Chile earthquake. The Google Person Finder may be just one of the tools among many that concerned people can use in trying to locate or gather news about the people affected by the Chile earthquake.