Google Acquires Picnik

March 3rd, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

It is actually not surprising that Google has recently stepped up on its acquisitions. After all the online search giant has announced some months back that this year would be a year where the company might be aiming for at least one small acquisition a month. That is why most analysts were not surprised with the recent news that Google has acquired online photo utility site Picnik.

Picnik is one of those unique websites that allow people to edit images online. It was founded on 2005 and launched its service in beta mode sometime around February of 2007. The site offers browser-based image editing tools for its users. It has become quite a popular site and has even recently announced that it has recently reached the 1 billionth photo mark being edited using the site.

What makes this acquisition quite interesting is that Google has added into its fold another website that is offering a service "on the cloud". Since Google has long been known to promote cloud computing as the next wave of the future, it certainly is doing its part in trying to become one of its major players. Google has slowly been acquiring the essential technology and tools that it needs to get cloud computing into higher ground. With this recent acquisition, Google’s major competitors in the industry is surely keeping a closer eye on what the online search giant’s next move, big or small, may be. It can be quite complicated nowadays to do so since Google is no longer concentrating on its strengths alone such as online search. It has since spread out its reaches on other fronts to the point of confusing its competitors as well as many industry analysts sometimes.