Google Announces Its Own Cloud-Based App Store

March 10th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

Google has finally on their way to create their own market for cloud based applications. The online search giant has announced that it is opening up the Google Apps Marketplace. No, it will not be doing some direct competition with the Apple App Store. It will instead make third party apps from partners to be integrated into Google Apps, a bunch of Google Web-based applications that users can access from the cloud.

The Google App Marketplace will enable software developers to create different applications for the Google App users and customers. The very least it can do is provide a place where these same developers may be able to offer or sell their Web-based business and enterprise applications that can easily be integrated through Google Apps. Developers who wish to create and make their applications available for Google Apps integration are required to pay a one time $100 fee for listing their applications on the online store. This provides a good opportunity for third party developers to create applications that may be quite useful for businesses but the current Google Apps suite may not be able to provide.

The Google App Marketplace is a way for Google to further promote cloud computing to businesses. The online search giant has been increasingly encouraging businesses using enterprise software to consider using Web-based applications more. And as more and more developers would be creating more and more useful software that can be integrated with Google Apps in the future, it would not be impossible for many such businesses to take notice and consider how Web-based applications may help and benefit their companies in many various ways.