Google Product Search Now Includes Local Inventory Checks

March 12th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

Google has recently added another feature on its Product Search for mobile users. It is now including local inventory checks which can let users know whether items on the search results are in stock at nearby stores. Google has partnered up with several large retailers that would provide them with the inventory of products in their stores and then allow Google Product Search to display them as part of the search results.

The new Google Product Search feature is available for mobile users, letting them know if a certain product they are searching for is in stock among participating retailer stores in the area. When a mobile user searches a certain product on Google’s "Shopping" link, the search results also provides a blue dot underneath which can tell users whether the product they are searching for is available nearby. Clicking on the blue dot would take the mobile user to the seller’s page to further find out whether the product being searched is in stock or on limited availability.

This new feature would allow mobile users to gather more information on certain products they are planning to buy through Google search. It provides them with information on where they might be able to buy the searched products by knowing their availability from some of the participating stores and retailers. This allows people to save more time through their shopping by going through stores that do have the said products available. The participating retailers may also benefit from those people who are led to their stores through Google. Google also encourages other retailers to join in the program. They are required to fill up a brief form as well as follow other instructions in order for them to be added and considered for the new Google program.