Xbox 360 Consoles Sold More In February Than The Wii

March 15th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Xbox 360

For the first time in more than two years, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have outsold erstwhile leader Nintendo Wii in console sales for the month of February. According to analyst group NPD, US monthly sales for February has the Xbox 360 console garnering the tops spot, taking the place of the Wii. It may be a bittersweet victory for Xbox 360. Although they got the top spot, overall sales waned for the month in the game console market as it dropped 15 percent lower compared to February sales of last year.

The Xbox 360 achieved February sales of 422,000 units, higher than the 397,900 units of Wii’s sold during the same month. PlayStation 3 takes third place with 360,100 units sold but which translated to a 30 percent increase in sales as compared to sales during February of 2009.

Despite getting top spot, the unexpected drop in overall sales for the month would have not so good implications not only for Xbox but for the whole console market. The lower sales may mean that consumers may not be having the same level of interest on console gaming as last year. It may be up to the console makers to revive that interests by trying to come up with exciting and interesting game titles in the following months to help boost up console sales. If they fail at this, then it would be another bleak year for the console gaming industry which may not be able to afford another poor year of sales.