Nintendo 3DS Offers Possible Threat to 3D TV’s

March 24th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo may have something up its sleeve that may just surprise not just the gaming industry but also the up and coming makers of 3D televisions. It is only recently that the buzz about 3D televisions is getting louder and louder. People are eagerly expecting the launch of various consumer 3D televisions that may be enjoyed with the aid of using 3D glasses. But Nintendo may be taking it a notch higher with its so-called Nintendo 3DS.

With the more popular 3D technology utilized by most TV makers as well as film studios require the use of wearing special glasses to enjoy 3D viewing, consumers are first to be convinced that wearing such glasses won’t be that bad. But there would still be a lot of people who would find it better to deal away with the glasses if possible. And it is probably this segment of consumers that Nintendo is trying to target in the gaming market, by doing away with the 3D glasses for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS.

For now, the news comes as an announcement from the leading game hardware manufacturer. It recently announced that the Nintendo 3DS will be the successor to the popular Nintendo DS Series of portable gaming devices. The new 3DS is said to support 3D gaming but without the users ever have to wear special glasses to enjoy them.

Although it might not be fair to compare the little screen of a portable gaming device such as the Nintendo DS to a typical 3D television, the convenience of never having to wear glasses to enjoy 3D viewing just might.

So far, Nintendo has been tight-lipped on the specifics of their upcoming Nintendo 3DS. The company plans to provide additional details on the E3 show that will be held in Los Angeles sometime in June. Until then, even 3D TV makers might be on their toes in anticipation for what Nintendo might be coming up with.