Netflix Coming to Nintendo Wii

March 26th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Netflix Wii

Netflix, the popular online movie and TV streaming site, is finally coming to the Nintendo Wii. It has recently announced that they have started shipping instant-streaming discs for Nintendo Wii console owners who are also Netflix members. This will enable Nintendo Wii owners to be able to enjoy watching streaming movies and TV shows through their console via Netflix.

The initial shipping of the Netflix instant streaming discs first started with the Sony PlayStation 3 console where a limited 100,000 discs were sent to PS3 owners. Its primary aim is to first try to gain feedback through its subscribers who will be testing it and then further address improve on some issues that they might discover. As for the recent disc for Wii owners, Netflix hasn’t mentioned just how many discs they have sent out. And although the streaming service may be available to a limited number of subscribers, there is no word yet on when the online streaming access would be launched for all Wii users.

With the Netflix online streaming access now available for Nintendo Wii, all the three major gaming consoles may now carry the service as an added feature. The Netflix online streaming service first was only available through the Xbox 360. Sony PlayStation 3 soon followed suit when Netflix offered the service in November of last year. And with Nintendo Wii recently coming into the fold, Netflix may now be putting itself in a very attractive situation to get more subscribers to its online streaming service through more game console owners.