Apple iAD May Be Next After iPad

March 29th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Apple iPhone

The rumor mill has been alive with talks that Apple may not just be working on its recent baby, the iPad, which will be launching next month. Talks about that the next thing Apple may have on its sleeve is the so-called iAD. This may just make the current Google Vs. Apple plotline in the market become more interesting.

The so-called Apple iAD will be the company’s first foray into mobile advertising. Doing so would put Apple at the forefront of establishing another niche in its already profitable lineup of products and services. And since it involves the iPhone and possibly, the iPad, the iAD may be a welcome complement in terms of adding revenue for the company known for its innovations in the market.

And by entering into the mobile advertising market, Apple may find itself gong head to head with another giant and constant competitor in the market, the online search behemoth Google. Both companies are on their way to establish themselves in a market that looks as promising as a gold mine. To get a foothold into the market, Google acquired mobile advertising company AdMob. Apple, on their part, just recently bought their own mobile advertising company in Quattro last January.

With these latest moves between the two companies, it might be pretty convincing that the next battleground would be on the mobile advertising front. In the case of Apple, all still remains a rumor although recent steps that they have made are pointing towards the same direction. But whether Apple’s next foray would be called iAD would be another matter. The name itself may or may not be the rumor.