Sony PS3 Bids Linux Goodbye

March 31st, 2010 at 12:00 am

Sony PS3

Sony has just announced that it will cease supporting Linux on its PS3 gaming consoles. According to the PlayStation Blog, the new firmware update for the PS3 system will be disabling the "Install Other OS" feature that was made available to previous PS3 consoles prior to the current slimmer models. The PS3 Firmware 3.21 update which will be released on April 1 will remove the said functionality mainly due to security concerns.

For those who wish to still use the other OS in their PS3 consoles, they might consider not installing the Firmware 3.21 update. If they do, there might be some slight changes that might happen such as not being able to access the data previously used with the said OS that is located in the hard drive partition of the console. They might need to back up that data first before installing the firmware update.

For those who primarily use their PS3 for gaming, this change would not quite matter. But for those who use their PS3 consoles for other tasks, this might have quite an effect on their system and may need to be aware of the necessary changes that might happen. And with the support for the Linux OS through this update, there might be quite a few people who are Linux admirers that might feel the effects. It might be also that the level of acceptance for the Linux OS among PS3 console users might be too few and too little for Sony to ever continue supporting such a feature on their machines. They might think that it is a better option to do away with something that does not appeal to a greater majority than continue offering the feature for the lesser few. After all, it all boils down to business at the end of the day.