The iPad Has Arrived

April 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has finally arrived with its launch last Saturday, April 3. And it did get its own considerable number of interested buyers. Despite all the flak that the new Apple device has gotten several months prior, it seems the publicity only made the iPad even more interesting in the eyes of the consumers.

But the buying frenzy for the iPad was not seen as crazier than what the iPhone launch created in 2007. but then there might be several reasons for this. One of them is that pre-orders with the free shipping option for iPads have made other consumers wait out at their homes for their iPads to be delivered to them instead of lining it up at the Apple retail stores to get one. But there were also long lines seen on the retail stores when the iPad was finally made available. Only this time it was not as disorderly as before.

But despite the lack of long lines, Apple was not somehow as most of the initial inventories at their retail stores were snatched up quite quickly which required additional deliveries to cope up with the demand. And the demand for the new iPads were greater than even the company has expected. Many analysts have modest estimates of the iPad selling around 200,000 to 300,000 units, including pre-orders. But the numbers have shown that it may be possible for Apple’s new device to reach up to 700,000 units by Sunday. It is definitely not bad for the Apple iPad. And with almost all tech news online talking about everything connected to the iPad, it is definitely not bad at all.