Twitter Offers Promoted Tweets

April 14th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Twitter Logo

It is only a matter of time before popular websites have to deal with how to create revenue in order to survive. In the case of Twitter, it may have taken them quite a long time to realize this. This may have cost them around a couple of years of lost opportunities for profit.

Despite their incredible growth in terms of popular usage among online folks, the company didn’t take advantage of their new found online reach by putting up some form of advertising to generate revenue. But it seems that they still ended up doing so after years of resisting the urge to do so through this type of monetization approach for the site. Twitter may now be offering what they call "Promoted Tweets" on their result pages.

Twitter is launching their Promoted Tweets as their initial foray into advertising on the site. Promoted Tweets are simply ordinary Tweets that businesses and organizations may want to highlight to a wide group of Twitter users.

Just to differentiate from the ordinary Tweets, Promoted Tweets are labeled as "promoted" when they are being paid for by advertisers. Initially, the Promoted Tweets can be found on Twitter’s search result pages. Since it is the first time that the company may be getting into this type of what it calls as a "non-traditional" ad platform, Twitter would first want to test it out in terms of user experience and its value to the advertiser. When all comes out well, the second phase would involve Promoted Tweets appearing on Twitter user timelines in a way that may be of use or value to the user.

At long last, Twitter has found a way to generate revenue for the site. With this, Twitter users may be assured that the popular site may now have a means to make money in order to run the service and not just depend on funds from the angel investors. This will also ensure many Twitter users that the site would not go the way of other past promising websites and online services that disappeared because of the absence of a means to generate revenue.