Google Planning Cloud Printing Service

April 19th, 2010 at 12:00 am

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Google certainly has its eyes on cloud computing. It has become one of those companies that is working towards a future "on the cloud". Cloud computing basically is Internet based computing, where resources, software and other tools are provided to computers and users straight from the Web. And to further its case to make cloud computing even more essential to various tasks, Google is planning up a way to offer a printing service on the cloud.

Google Labs has recently revealed details about a project called Cloud Print. It involves allowing different applications from various devices to print from any PC connected to the Web. Still in development, the project will rely on so-called "cloud-aware printers", the technology of which Google is still working on.

Google Cloud Print is essentially a service that Google is planning out that will allow any application on any device to print from any printer over the Internet. Cloud Print will make it possible for online users to print anything from anywhere and any PC printer as long as it is connected on the Web. Google is even planning to make it open source by releasing code and documentation for the said project as part of Google Chromium.

What would probably make the project possible is the existence of cloud-aware printers. Printers with the ability to communicate with the cloud-based Google Cloud Print is something that remains an idea for the online search company. Development is still ongoing on this aspect of the project which includes working on an interface designed for printer manufacturers.

Despite Google Cloud Print being an exciting concept, there might also be some concerns that be associated with its use. Some say that printing "on the cloud" might bring with it some security concerns. It may be possible for online hackers to intercept data through the Google Cloud Print and might steal it. Other concerns may include how Cloud Print may work when a system crashes or experiences Internet blackout where all Web apps may suddenly become unavailable. Google might need to satisfy these concerns as well before many people will be able to embrace an interesting project such as Google Cloud Print.