Apple Buys Chipmaker Intrinsity

April 28th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Apple Logo

Apple seems to be in a shopping spree nowadays. Aside from coming up with the iPad, Apple has slowly been acquiring small companies that it might find some use for its other projects in the future. Just recently, the iPhone maker has announced that it has bought chipmaker Intrinsity.

Intrinsity is the second chipmaker that Apple has acquired in over two years. It also bought P.A. Semi previously for US$278 million. Since last October, Intrinsity became the fourth acquisition for Apple. It bought map API maker PlaceBase, social music site LaLa and mobile ad company Quattro Wireless within a span of just seven months. Now that is aggressive in terms of buying small companies.

Apple has been on a shopping spree mainly because it currently has deep pockets. The company has accumulated US$41.7 billion in cash as reported at the end of the 2010 2nd quarter. It has the money to acquire small companies that it might need to strengthen itself.

By acquiring Intrinsity recently, Apple may have just lent true the rumor that the chipmaker has been the company that designed for the A4 chip now found inside the iPad. Since Intrinsity has been known to design energy efficient ARM chips, Apple may be on the way to further optimize it and maybe use newer and better designs for its other products, most likely the next iPhone.