YouTube Gives Its Player a Makeover

April 30th, 2010 at 12:00 am

YouTube Logo

Popular video site YouTube has recently given its online player a bit of a makeover. Although it might be considered by some as just a tiny bit of change here and there in a visual sense, the more significant changes made are those done to make the online player become leaner and not just to look better.

The usual functionality of the YouTube player is still essentially the same. Features that saw changes mainly involved the players, function bar. The volume feature now disappears whenever the mouse pointer does not hover on it. The video time line in the new player has been tweaked to change into a smaller line a few seconds after the video starts. This gives a bigger space for viewing. A simpler feature in the video comments section is also made obvious with comments only limited to the most recent ones. The 5-star rating system that YouTube has been using for quite some time now has been replaced by a thumbs up or thumbs down version.

The new features aim to make the online player look simpler and with more attention being given to the viewer experience by making it into a leaner machine. The changes came around less than a month after YouTube made similar changes on some other previous elements of the player pages. The recent tweaks even made it simpler. The said changes however are not yet applicable to videos that hold advertisements or those YouTube players that are embedded onto other websites. The changes on these areas will reflect sometime later.