A Million iPads For Apple In a Month

May 4th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Apple Logo

Despite many early critics before it was launched, the Apple iPad has again proven that its hype is still worth it. One undeniable proof of this is that it took just one month for this new Apple tablet device to reach a million buys. Now that is selling like hotcakes.

With the recent introduction of the 3G model of the Apple iPad, the tablet device just reached its million mark around a month after it was launched. The popularity of the gadget was seen prior to its launch with a lot of people talking about it. The publicity, both good and bad, may have increased interest on the device that led to it reaching 300,000 units on just its first day. By the opening weekend, the numbers reached 450,000. It then took the rest of the month for the Apple iPad to reach its millionth sales, according to Apple’s recent announcement.

When you consider the numbers, the Apple iPad may have been selling faster than its other wildly popular device, the iPhone. Apple’s smart phone took 74 days to reach its millionth sale, more than half the time it took the Apple iPad to reach the same milestone. It seems that more consumers are interested in the tablet device which can allow users to browse the Web, watch HD videos , play games , read ebooks, listen to music as well as download a ton of apps, either useful and not. Apple really does know how to sell its popular devices and sell them well.