Google To Launch E-book Sale Plan This Summer

May 5th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Google Logo

It is not a surprise that Google is trying to break into the e-book market. It is certainly no wonder why building an electronic book repository has been one of Google’s plans and one that was met with some criticism, especially among publishers and authors when it comes to issues such as trademarks. But despite the difficulties and Google trying to sort things out bit by bit, the company surely is quite serious about its e-book plans.

Google might go on to proceed with launching its online book distribution outfit some during June or July of this year, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Google will be calling its new service as Google Editions and is planning to get into a marketplace that will have the online search giant pitting against companies like Amazon Apple and Barnes and Noble Inc. But Google may have something that it hopes would bring consumers into its fold.

Whereas most e-book distributors are going towards retailing e-books using proprietary e-readers, Google Editions would be allowing its users to access e-book choices from a number of websites as well as using different e-book devices. Users would be able to buy digital copies of books through their site and will also allow independent book retailers to have Google Editions on their own sites. This will provide potential revenue income a bulk of which would go to Google’s retailer partners.

Google also plans to provide e-books that would be readable from a Web browser. This will allow the said e-books to be readable in any type of e-reader device. It gives Google the ability to reach out to a broader market than what other e-book retailers may be able to reach by using proprietary devices and software for their e-books.

The challenge now for Google is to get people to use its new and upcoming service. It will be selling books that they are authorized to sell. Its new service is not associated with its problems still pending with authors and publishers that still remains unsolved for now. This year’s summer will determine if Google will truly be successful with its Google Editions service once its virtual doors open.