Adobe Gets Back At Apple In Ad Campaign

May 14th, 2010 at 11:00 am

It is not news that there is a dividing chasm between Apple and Adobe today. It stems from Apple’s decision not to give Flash a place on the iPhone and the iPad. And with Apple CEO Steve Jobs sending a letter highlighting their reasons of not including Flash on their widely popular iPhone and on the just recently launched iPad, Adobe has come out with some sort of a rebuttal.

Because of the recent happenings, Adobe has started an ad campaign as an answer to criticisms on Flash from Apple’s perspective. The said campaign takes a more gentle approach to answer the stinging criticisms that Jobs stated on his letter regarding Flash ans why they do not use it on their devices. The ad even begins with “We heart Apple”. But then the next lines highlighted the freedom to choose mantra as a way to get back at Apple.

Adobe is by no means trying to fight for the survival of the still popular Flash. It still remains popular among programmers today and is not likely to die out and be gone anytime soon. But what Adobe may be getting at is how Apple remains harsh in its criticisms and actions against Flash to the point of blocking any Flash-derived apps from running on the iPhone. Their ad campaign may indirectly take a shot at Apple with a milder approach than what Apple dished out on them.

Any way you look at it, things are all just a part of business. It all eventually boils down to each one’s bottom line and what can be done about it. Is it really a matter of principle or even of function that has come to this issue? Or is it getting some market share? It can be quite confusing given how businesses are being run today the bigger they become.