Hulu Will Continue Using Flash

May 17th, 2010 at 11:24 am

The rift between Adobe and Apple over using Flash still continues. But despite this, Adobe may not be considering that unfortunate just because Apple does not want to use Flash on their popular iPhone as well as on the iPad despite its common use on the Web. There are other companies and websites that still use Flash and will continue to do so in many years to come. Hulu is just one of those who might still be using Flash on their websites.

According to Hulu’s blog, the site introduces a new version of the Hulu video player that still runs on Flash. While Apple has been vocal about its own reasons for not using Adobe’s Flash on its gadgets, Hulu still believes that it still needs to use Flash for now. In a way, it has gotten in the middle of the ongoing Apple-Adobe war by somehow taking the side of Adobe on this one.

Although Hulu also believes that HTML5 may become the future in terms of online video streaming, it still thinks that the current developments may not yet be able to meet the needs of its current online customers. And for this, Hulu goes for something that is already working well for them. Just like most websites, Hulu still prefers using Flash since it seems to stay as the current standard. It may be possible that others may just be awaiting how the experts may be able to standardize HTML5 better and integrate it easier online. But until then, most sites like Hulu may still be using Flash, unlike Apple who might be considering its many other options.


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