Google Turns Aggressive With Google TV, Android 2.2 Announcement

May 21st, 2010 at 11:35 am

Google has once been known as a company that do not usually take the lead in terms of innovation when being compared to Apple. Since Apple have been cranking up innovative products this year, it seems that Google may only be satisfied with having other companies blazing the trail in new markets with innovation. But that may no longer be possible. Google has become more aggressive this time with its many recent announcements that surely surprised many.

It may be totally unlike a company like Google to go and become more aggressive and blazing its own trail in innovation. But it seems that is what this online search giant has in mind. It recently announced a series of developments on the recent Google I/O conference. The most notable of the announcements were about Android 2.2 and Google TV.

Google announced Android 2.2 which is the next version of its Android OS for mobile phones. Codenamed by Google as Froyo, there were many features that was highlighted which included a faster OS, Flash support, over the air updates for applications, wireless streaming as well as USB tethering support, portable hotspot capabilities and a number of new apps. It certainly an impressive offering that may just give the iPhone and other similar Apple products a run for their money.

Another surprise that Google unleashed during the developer’s conference is the announcement of Google TV. Google stands to get into a market that most of its competitors have not yet ventured into (or may have done so in the past, but failed). Google has taken the reins of trying to merge the PC and the TV into one device through Google TV. Although the technical details still remain under wraps, Google did announce that Google TV devices would also be featuring WiFi, HDMI, an Intel processor and with a software that is run by Android. What would make this project much more feasible is that Google has several business partners such as Sony, Logitech, Dish Network and even Best Buy who are willing to get into the Google TV wagon.

With these announcements so far, it seems that Google is trying to forge ahead of its known competitors by trying to get their technology in the market first. The aggressive approach may be showing that Google is trying to venture more into other markets and not just solely relying on its majority hold of the online search market. Although already a giant in the industry that it belongs to, Google may just become even bigger in the future, depending on how its new ventures would succeed.


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