Google Versus Apple Storyline Heating Up?

May 24th, 2010 at 11:44 am

Competition really does a lot in any type of market. It is usually the reason why many products sometimes get developed and the markets showing some healthy progress. But the most important thing is how the level of competition really does get the gears of industry going and going well.

The same level of competition may be seen between the two technology giants Google and Apple. It seems that one company tries to outdo the other in various aspects of business. In the case of Google, it started out as an online search company that has since ventured out into other businesses . Apple, on the other hand , started out making computers and has since ventured into creating and developing some of the world’s more popular gadgets such as the iPod and the iPhone.

But where did the Google versus Apple battle start up if they somehow belonged to somewhat different sectors of the technology industry? If you can call it rivalry, it all started when Google tried to branch out of just providing an online search service to people.

Being a rapidly growing giant, Google is not something that typically rests on its laurels. It plans to venture out into other things, trying to widen the scope of people it aims to reach out to. This led to Google to venture into the mobile phone sector which Apple has since gotten into when it came out with the wildly popular iPhone. Google started with developing the open source Android OS developed for mobile phones. It then got some cellphone makers to utilize the new OS, thereby entering into the mobile phone realm of the market.

But Google may not just stop there. It has also recently announced on the Google I/O conference that it aims to come up with other products that may directly or indirectly be competing with current Apple products and services. With recent announcements of Google TV, Web-based Android Market and others being developed and about to come out of beta testing stage, these new offerings just might pose a threat to some of what Apple may be currently doing. And so the rivalry is heating up.

Apple for its part, is not a company that just stands by and wait. It may have its own tricks up its sleeve. Rumors of the next gen iPhone has already been going around. The iPad still got a lot of people interested into it. There might also be something that Apple might be announcing at the coming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this coming June. From the looks of it, the competition may just be heating up this year.

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