Apple iPhone 3GS Now Only $97 At Walmart

May 26th, 2010 at 10:37 am

Apple has finally agreed to somehow make their highly popular iPhone 3GS more affordable for more people, that is, people who buy it from the discount store giant Walmart . The company somehow went along with Walmart bringing down the iPhone 3GS price at their various discount retail stores to only US$97. This might be considered quite a slash down since the iPhone 3GS 16 GB version may still retail for as much as US$199 in other retail locations.

There are various reasons going around offered by many people as to why Apple may have agreed to Walmart’s action to slash the price of the iPhone 3GS down to half. But none of them can be so sure of what exactly that is. Considering that Apple may have wanted to keep a certain level of perceived value for its products such as the iPhone, many believe that the price slash may have the risk of putting that perceived value for an iPhone lower since the iPhone 3GS has always been considered as a high end smartphone. Even Walmart may be going into some level of risk by slashing the price of their iPhone 3GS inventory to such a degree.

In the retail business, the usual practice being followed is that prices of products and devices usually are discounted after an announcement of a new model has been made, and not before. In this case, talks have been going around that Apple is going to announce its 4th generation iPhone this June on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. So if conventional practice is to be considered, Walmart may have acted a bit early in trying to sell their iPhones at a steep discount, way before any official announcement from Apple about their iPhone 4G. Maybe the reason is that Walmart may have other pressing reasons for doing this such as trying to clear up their inventory for the upcoming iPhone 4G. But then, who can really know?

Apple may also have its own reasons. Since this sudden price slash and with Apple even agreeing to it, some people believe that it might even be a ploy of Apple to try and generate some buzz for the upcoming iPhone 4G. It may even be Apple’s way to generate more and more iPhone users as part of its customer base. That would also mean more people possibly getting interested in visiting iTunes and the App Store and take a look at their other products. But the best that people can do for now is to speculate and guess.

For those interested, Walmart’s US$97 iPhone 3GS can only be bought if people go personally to a Walmart store to ask and order for it. The product package requires having a new or existing phone service line. Those interested also have to commit to a two-year contract with the service provider.

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