Facebook And Its Privacy Control Issues

May 28th, 2010 at 9:06 am

Facebook, currently the world’s most popular social networking site has recently been plagued by serious privacy issues. Being a social networking site certainly requires its users to share information among other users of the site. In this case, not many of its online users would argue the fact. But the problem of privacy concerning Facebook today may be between the information shared between its users and its advertisers.

A lot of Facebook users have been clamoring for better privacy controls over how Facebook may be using their personal information and sharing it with advertisers for direct or indirect commercial benefits. After all, data mining activities seems to be quite common among many websites. But with Facebook and its hundreds and millions of subscribers, data mining may seem such a lucrative idea. It may not be totally impossible that the people at Facebook may not have considered this idea for commercial gain.

Facebook actually may have done it already some couple of years back with its Facebook Beacon project. It allowed other sites to include a Facebook script to know what actions by Facebook users made on that site and then send that information back to Facebook. If a Facebook user bought shoes or anything else on a third party site with a Facebook Beacon script, that information can be sent back to Facebook and possibly be published for one’s Facebook friends to know. It may have been quite an interesting idea. But then serious concerns about personal privacy began to crop up. People just do not want everybody to know what they are doing online all the time.

Other privacy issues still bother Facebook and its users. Even while Facebook tries to address these concerns, it seems that the users themselves believe that this is not enough. Some users think that the social networking site is not that serious about taking care of the privacy of its users, most importantly on the level of personal information that the site may share, both intentional and unintentional, to the public. For Facebook, it is still an ongoing battle to satisfy the concerns of its users looking for a better level of online privacy on the social networking site. Online privacy may just become the problem that might possibly turn away users from the site the longer it is associated with Facebook.

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