Symantec Going Mobile With Norton

May 31st, 2010 at 11:22 am

Online security has become a serious concern among many users who frequent the Web. With many threats lurking all around the Web, protecting the PC from them has become an essential requirement to avoid costly problems. That is why there are online security and protection tools such as Norton from Symantec to keep most of the online threats at bay.

But most of the time, it seems that people are only concerned by the threats posed online for their PC’s and desktops. A lot of people neglect the fact that other mobile devices connecting online may also be under the same threats. But unfortunately, not a lot of portable and mobile device users are quite a ware of this. And with mobile device usage rapidly increasing by the year, the level of threat just gets bigger and bigger.

This may be the underlying reason why Symantec has tried to develop an online security tool designed for use with portable devices and others like routers which also may need some level of protection. Symantec is in the process of developing to mobile apps as well as a Software as a Service security application that it plans to call “Norton Everywhere”.

The two apps mentioned are the Norton Smartphone Security for Android Beta and the Norton Connect Beta. The other application would be a cloud-based service named Norton DNS Beta which will allow its users to properly configure their routers and PC’s for basic security. The three new security tools from Norton are scheduled for a June 2010 release.

The number of portable devices that connect to the Internet is increasing quite rapidly. The problem is that most of these popular devices don’t have any level of online security built into them. Some people think that the threats may not be as serious as those that PC’s and desktops go through. But with more than 10 billion non-PC devices now connecting to the Internet, it will only take some time before the same threats may eventually spill out into the segment of the industry. It is good to know that there are companies such as Symantec who are thinking ahead of the possible scenarios and provide security tools that most people would seriously need in the near future, if not today.