Google Reverts Back To Its Classic Home Page

June 11th, 2010 at 11:28 am

Online search giant Google has recently given their homepage a different look by providing a striking image into its previous plain white background. It did change how Google looked and would have been quite an interesting departure from its previously minimalist homepage that Google eventually was known for. The colorful personalized background image did add some level of sophistication to it. But unfortunately, the change was short lived.

It was only last week that Google announced that it will provide its online users the option of changing the background image of the Google homepage. People began to say that the homepage may have gotten a few ideas from Bing Search with what they have done. Comparisons between the two search engines in terms of how their home page looked began to mount. It is not clear of whether it was this reason, Google has reverted back to its original minimalist white background.

Official word from Google is that they have taken out the feature due to a certain bug that made online users think that the background change is permanent. Google wanted to show the background image change to Google account users to highlight the new feature. But then, it confused as well as annoyed some people. It came to a point that “remove Google background” reached the top ten most popular search for June 9 on Google. This may be a sign for Google that not a lot of people liked the idea. And so, the Google homepage has reverted back to its previous and classic look. Most of the users may still be quite attached to the minimalist homepage or that they don’t want to change anything that is not giving them any problems. Either way, the online community has spoken and Google listened. It was good while it lasted.


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