Demand For iPhone 4 Leads To Pre-Order System Paralysis

June 21st, 2010 at 10:44 am

The popularity for all things Apple never ceases to amaze. It seems that every product that Apple tries to launch is met with great interest and anticipation. A good example would be the Apple iPad which has recently reached more than 2 million units sold and still increasing. And an upcoming one would be the next generation iPhone 4 which is set to be launched this week.

The anticipation for the iPhone 4 is considered quite amazing even by Apple’s standards. With the first iPhone, hordes of people lined up by the hundreds and even thousands at the Apple stores just to get their hands on the company’s first ever smart phone. But in the case of the new and upcoming iPhone 4, the demand has increased way before its actual launched date.

It has come to a point where even pre-orders are getting quite difficult to maintain at the pace that it is going. It started with the sudden number of consumers started giving problems for the online ordering system. It reached a point where the pre-order system was even paralyzed due to the deluge of orders for the iPhone 4. Because of the sheer demand Apple partner AT&T was forced to halt taking pre-orders after just one day.

There’s no question that the next Apple device would be a serious hit for the company. Just by the huge consumer response for iPhone 4 pre-orders seems to give proof to this fact. In just one day, Apple reported that it took 600,000 pre-orders for the handset. There’s no news on when the next set of orders will be made available. And for those who were lucky enough to pre-order on the first day, it was reported that some may have already received shipment notifications of their highly anticipated iPhone 4 handsets. And by the time the iPhone 4 is set to be made available at stores, expect to see thousands of people lining up once more just to get their hands on this new Apple success story of a device.


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