Apple iPhone 4 Selling Amid A Flood Of Complaints

June 25th, 2010 at 9:59 am

It seems that not all may be as smooth sailing for the iPhone 4 this time. Yes, the Apple store launch is still crowded with lines upon lines of people who wish to become the early adopters of the device. The iPhone 4 sales are still a thing to behold with the devices taken off shelves the moment they are displayed. But amid the long lines of people and the brisk sales for the iPhone 4 come a flood of complaints from some of those who already got them.

It might be exciting for the early adopters of the iPhone 4 to finally get their hands on this widely talked about Apple device. Unfortunately, not all of them might be getting quite excited about it. Some complaints have recently been heard about the next generation iPhone and it seems to be coming in more frequently as expected.

The complaints came in droves for the iPhone 4. The problems seem to be of numerous issues and not just about a single feature. There are new iPhone 4 owners who complain about signal reception problems when the antenna band that goes around the phone is handled or touched a certain way. So far, the solution offered to this is by buying a iPhone 4 bumper case for US$29at the Apple Store to avoid the hands coming into contact with the antenna band. The fact that it is the first time Apple offered such an accessory at their store may give a hint that they may have already known about this issue before the launch. But that remains as pure speculation at this point.

Another increasingly voiced out complaint by the new iPhone 4 owners concerns yellow spots found on the display screens. Some owners complained of a seemingly yellow hue on the display screen even after adjusting the settings. Apple support people pointed out that the discoloration may be a residue from a manufacturing process and may clear out in a matter of days. So far Apple has not provided any official comment on this issue.

Other complaints regarding the iPhone 4 include Bluetooth handset issues, that it scratches easily and that it doesn’t connect well with car stereo adapters. The forum at Apple is currently flooded with complaints and the same problems and issues. It seems that these problems may not be merely isolated cases but ones that affect quite a number of new iPhone 4 users. If this might continue, the backlash will work against Apple and probably on their future product releases. But then again, it may not.


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