YouTube Hacked, Google Issues Fix

July 5th, 2010 at 10:20 am

YouTube is the most popular online video site today. It is normal that people go to it to find and watch online videos. And because of this popularity, it may also be an attractive venue for some undesirables to get some attention. Unfortunately, this may have happened just recently to YouTube.

It has been reported recently that YouTube may have been a victim of a hacking attack and was used mainly to target Justin Bieber videos. Why Bieber can be anyone’s guess. But the hacking attack centered around YouTube videos by the popular Internet sensation turned recording star and anything related to him. The hacks resulted from redirecting YouTube viewers to messages or videos dissing the Bieber dude and even displaying pop-ups of fake breaking news saying that the teen pop singer is dead.

The recent hacking attack on YouTube seem to stem from an HTML injection vulnerability that hackers discovered on YouTube’s comment system. The said attack was said not to involve any malware infections. But the threat may be possible once users go to the redirected sites that the hackers may have provided.

YouTube immediately made the comments section temporarily hidden after discovering the said attack on the online video site. YouTube’s owner Google has since made a complete fix for the hacking attack. Surprisingly, the attack came at almost the same time as the hacking attack on the Apple App Store. Whether both attacks are related to each other has not yet been established.


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